Spectral: (Blue)

Viewing angle:

-RRP $6.90 USD per pack Colours
-RRP $8.50 USD per pack White (CREE LEDs)

Unlike any other LED, the VOLO LEDs were specifically designed for multirotors. They offer a bright, tight cluster of LEDs and are available in a range of colours. They are so small you can mount them almost anywhere on your frame, and they attach easily with the incredibly strong supplied die cut 3M VHB double sided tape. VOLO was the first company to produce this concept and nothing rivals our quality and performance.

-2 units per pack
-Tiny compact size that will fit almost anywhere (Only 21mm x 7mm!)
-Perfect for orientation when learning line of sight flight.
-Great visibility at a distance.
-A night flying must have
-Extremely wide viewing angle
-At least 2X brighter than other led strips.
-FPV friendly, the perfect brightness to be seen by others
-Low current consumption
-Easy to solder tabs for neat and clean wiring
-Custom dye cut 3M VHB double sided tape supplied for extreme mounting strength
-High quality PCB with gold emmersion solder tabs

Specifications:Emitting Colour:            Blue, Red, Green and White
Voltage:                       12V DC   (3S LiPo suitable)
Size:                             21mm x 7mm x 3.6mm (LxWxH)
Operating Temp:            -40 to +85 degrees Centigrade
Chip technology:            AlInGaP
Adhesive tape:               3M VHB 0.5mm Double sided Black Foam

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