That little bit extra is always well worth it

At VOLO we strive to engineer the best Multirotor products available by only using quality hand-picked materials that suit their purpose perfectly. 

We concentrate on the smallest design details to give you the ultimate form, finish and performance.

About Us

Two friends that love to fly

VOLO was conceived by two friends that wanted more from their Multirotors than was currently available in the market. So we got to work trying to fill the gaps by creating quality Multirotor frames, equipment  and accessories. 

With over 15 years involvement in Fixed wing, UAV's, Helicopters and Multirotors we are well placed to achieve the mission.


So where did VOLO come from?

VOLO is a Latin word that actually has two meanings. When translated into English it means the following...

VOLO: to fly, speed, move rapidly.

VOLO: to wish, want, will, prefer, be willing.